Belinda Vienna

Client Service Representative - Transport


Belinda Vienna serves as the Client Service Supervisor within Norman Carriers’ Transport department. Belinda’s pivotal role within the company revolves around maintaining a customer-centric approach, her primary objective is to ensure the swift and professional resolution of client needs and inquiries.

With her profound understanding of the port logistics industry and Norman Carriers’ array of services, Belinda is an invaluable resource for clients. She goes above and beyond to offer unwavering support and guidance, assisting clients in optimizing their transportation requirements and maximizing the benefits of the company’s services. Her responsibilities also encompass fostering seamless communication and efficient service delivery by facilitating coordination between clients and the transport team.

Belinda’s contributions extend even further, influencing internal process enhancements. She acts as a vital conduit, relaying essential client feedback to the management team. This feedback serves as a catalyst for continuous refinement and improvement of the company’s services, ensuring that they not only meet but consistently surpass client expectations.

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