Norman Carriers is a family owned Australian company established by Norman Hearnden in 1949 specializing in wharf cartage to the Melbourne waterfront and local delivery of general freight to metropolitan Melbourne. The natural progression was expansion into containerization. In 1976 Norman Carriers was incorporated under the leadership of the founder’s son Grahame Hearnden.

Norman Carriers now has in excess of 65 years experience in the transport, general freight and wharf cartage sectors. This has laid the foundation stones for the establishment of a professional, efficient and customer service orientated western suburbs Transport Company.

The acquisition of suitable equipment together with a strategically located depot inclusive of a large commercial storage facility is all designed to satisfy the needs of our customers.

The company now provides a complete freight handling operation and storage facility for their long term and valued client base.

Norman Carriers is a family owned and operated company established since 1949. We provide local transport services offering a complete freight handling operation and storage facility. We are geared towards providing our customers with efficient and appropriate transport services.